Highlights from the ISI statement to the Oireachtas Committe on homelessness

The Insolvency Service of Ireland presented some very interesting statistics to the Oireachtas Commitee on homelessness on May the 17th.

You can download the full statement from the ISI website here.

In the graph below we can see the number of debt solution arrangements that have been sought since the launch of the ISI in 2014


ISI-since launch

The following chart and table gives us a breakdown of creditor acceptance of arrangements.




The map below gives us a breakdown of the number of DRNs, DSAs, PIAs and Bankruptcies by county since the inception of the ISI in 2014.


The following chart profiles the people who are seeking debt solutions.

isi-profileThere is a huge amount of info in the report provided to the Oireachtas Committee on homelessness. You can download it here.