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  • Debt Settlement Arrangement

    Debt Settlement Arrangement

    Debt Settlement Arrangement

    If your debts don’t include a mortgage

    Managing debt solutions for people with unsecured debt (eg Credit Cards, loans, credit unions loans, overdrafts)

    What are the benefits of DSA?

    • Protection from Creditors
    • Writedown or write-off of debt
    • Affordable, predictable repayments
    • Peace of mind
    • Reasonable standard of living
    • Financial stability regained, allows you plan again for the future
    • Creditors get paid
    • Indicates to lenders that you are proactively addressing your financial situation
    • On completion you will be solvent


    Why talk to PIP Ltd about Debt Settlement Arrangement?


    debt-solutionsHere at PIP Ltd we are qualified, professional financial advisors, regulated by the Insolvency Service of Ireland and the Institute of Chartered Accountants, and work with individuals and families with unmanageable and stressful debts in order to help them regain their solvency. We work with you to find a solution for your debt. We have over 20 years experience in this area.

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    Download more information on Debt Settlement Arrangements here:
    Debt Settlement Arrangement

    William Fitzpatrick is authorised by the Insolvency Service of Ireland to carry on practice as a Personal Insolvency Practitioner