Struggling with debt you cannot pay?

Have you fallen behind on mortgage payments? Or lost control of your debt repayments? Are you crippled by debt? Worried you will lose your family home? Are you kept awake at night with worries about the debts you have? Is there a constant flow of letters and calls looking for settlement of debts you cannot pay? Do you feel lost about which debts are more important to settle than others? About how , and where to start? Do you crave financial stability and peace of mind in your life again? At Personal Insolvency Ltd, we are here to help.

Free Debt Advice Clinics

Here at PIP Ltd we run free debt advice clinics. These clinics take place on Saturdays in order to facilitate individuals who are working all week. Contact us for more information.

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William and his staff handled my PIA in a very professional and effortless fashion. This court process meant that my family remained in our Family home, my monthly repayments were reduced by 50% and all letters and harassing telephone calls stopped immediately. I would highly recommend both PIP Ltd and this Court process. This is the future.

I was adjudicated Bankrupt in July 2015. It is a daunting process made much easier by William who accompanied me into Court 6 in the Four Courts. I was completely prepared by William and PIP Ltd, and only needed to utter three words, which were  Thank You Judge. All my debts were immediately written off on that day, which was only six weeks after I met William and his staff. I would completely trust and highly recommend William and PIP Ltd, to anybody like myself, that used their Family home as a lever to borrow and buy more property, and got completely in over their head. Now, because my earnings are modest, I have NO monthly repayments and do not need to pay anything further to any Credit Card, Credit Union or Bank, not even a mortgage, and am happy just to start over again.

I would just like to thank you for all the professional help and financial advice given to me during my difficult time going through the personal insolvency procedure. I could not have gone forward without your positive commitment to me.

William Fitzpatrick FCA ALIA PIP PIP LtdAuth No: 00086 Estuary House New Street Malahide Co Dublin (Since 1992) email:
William Fitzpatrick is authorised by the Insolvency Service of Ireland to carry on practice as a Personal Insolvency Practitioner